About Becky


Becky, I just know that you’re going to do an amazing job. You’ve been paying attention to all the things. Your style is so different from mine but you just want to make sure that all of our children are learning.

From https://www.facebook.com/JahaHowardForGeorgia/videos/319359810077424

Dr. Jaha Howard

Candidate for State Superintendent

Becky Sayler’s experience as a parent leader and educator will benefit the children of Cobb County Schools. Through her years as an ESOL teacher and now preschool teacher, and her experience as a mom of CCSD students, she understands the unique time we are in after the last two years. Our post-pandemic future will be challenging, but it will also present opportunities to give students from all across this county access to what they need to be successful. Becky is ready to get to work for the students of Post 2.

Charisse Davis

Post 6, Board Member, Cobb County Board of Education

As we are looking to sustain the forward movement and momentum we are establishing in Mableton, I am confident Becky Sayler not only understands the assignment but is willing and ready to work hard on our behalf to ensure our students have access to the best education Cobb County Schools has to offer. 

Leroy Tre´ Hutchins

Post 3, Board Member, Cobb County Board of Education

Cobb County Association of Educators

Southern Poverty Law Center