Why I’m Running


I love public schools.  I taught elementary school in Cobb County in Post 2 before my children were born and was impressed daily with the dedication of my fellow teachers and the enthusiasm of my students.  My children have attended Post 2 schools since kindergarten and now the oldest is preparing to go to middle school.  I’ve had an inside look at schools as both a teacher and a parent and keenly see both the amazing and the difficult parts of our school system.  During the pandemic this has been even more starkly clear.

It’s been a rough two years, but I still love public school.  I know we are doing a lot well and I know there is room for growth.  I’m committed to helping us get there – through more transparency in financial decisions, continuing to expand PreK, focusing on literacy in the early grades, and addressing the needs of our students in the wake of three interrupted school years.  

We need more opportunities for public input before major financial decisions are made, and then frequent updates on their status.  

We need more than three Georgia PreK classes available to Cobb children so our children begin school kindergarten-ready.  

We need to stay updated on the best in reading research and train our teachers in using these methods.

We need to address the academic and mental health struggles that years of remote and interrupted learning have wrought.  Offering in-person tutoring, an optional extended school year, and expanded counseling services would help our students get there.

We should be maximizing our use of available federal and state funds to make our schools places where our children can learn and do so safely.  

I’m running for school board to advocate for the needs of our children.  Let’s work together to make Post 2 and all of Cobb County a place where students and families thrive.